Mother Hen's Hatchery
8390 Snapps Ferry Rd, Chuckey TN 37641



Mother Hen's Hatchery is located on "Fluffy Butt Farm" in Greeneville TN. Located in rural Greene County, referred to by many as East Tennessee's Premier Poultry Hatchery, it is the area's newest and most modern Hatchery. Housed in a new custom building, Mother Hen's Hatchery uses only new & state of the art incubators, hatchers, feeders, coops & equipment for our baby chicks. Cleanliness & health are paramount priorities at Mother Hen's Hatchery which result in a quality product for our valued customers.

Mother Hen's Hatchery is the brainchild of Rob & Denise Rogers. Rob, Denise & son Ricky originally only intended to raise their own free range chicken flocks and harvest eggs but became enamored with the idea of fertilized eggs, hatching baby chicks and providing these services to Greene County residents and surrounding  areas.

The Rogers come from a business background in the Home Improvement & Trucking Industries. With the combination of business experience (The Rogers ran their family owned company for 25 years before retiring) and the hands on experience & knowledge they have learned in recent years, Mother Hen's Hatchery is positioned to not only succeed but thrive in today's poultry market.


Fluffy Butt Farm
has many furry animals besides baby chicks. Feel free to peruse the numerous picture albums which include their personal Goats, Chickens, Labradors, Cattle Pictures, Barncats and even "Charlie" the amazing Sugar Glider!

Current 2017 Hatchery Breeds:

Ameraucanas: Red-Brown, White, Wheaton, Blue, Black & Splash
Australorps: Black
Barnyard Mix: Large variety
Buff Orpingtons
Cornish Cross Broilers
French Black Copper Marans
French Blue Copper Marans
French Splash Copper Marans
Lavender Orpingtons
Light Brahmas
Olive Eggers
Polish: Buff Laced
Polish: Unique Hatchery Variations
Rhode Island Reds
Silkies: Partridge
Silkies: White


NPIP #63-673, Breeds are Straight Run


If you don't see your breed listed, ask us anyway! Sometimes we might be able to special order your breed with a small minimum or if not, we can refer you to another local Hatchery :)

Mother Hen's Hatchery guarantees live delivery of quality baby chicks of the breed you ordered. We guarantee any sexed birds to be 80% accurate as to sex. In producing our baby chicks we have followed established flock control standards, sanitary and disease control standards. We are dealing with live baby chicks and occasionally, despite our mutual efforts, something goes astray.

Our responsibility is to provide healthy, vigorous chicks delivered to you the best way possible. Your responsibility is to start and care for the chicks according to specified standards. If we do our job and through carelessness or neglect you do not do yours, you are responsible. If we fail to do our job we will refund your money, give you a credit or replace your loss if reported to us within 48 hours after delivery. At no time will our guarantee exceed the original purchase price or apply to straight run birds that turned out to be roosters.

Family owned & operated, Mother Hen's Hatchery is an affordable solution for those wishing to purchase locally & then watch newborn chicks develop into laying hens or meat birds. Some of our customers buy chicks from us to keep as personal pets, children's companions or even to raise and harvest for their own personal family consumption. Others buy chicks from us, then raise them to laying age & resell. Whatever your purpose is, Mother Hen's Hatchery has an affordable solution for you, including a friendly & highly personal interaction with our owners at no extra charge!


Mother Hen's Hatchery
8390 Snapps Ferry Rd, Chuckey TN 37641