Welcome to Mother Hen's Hatchery, Greene County TN's best kept secret! Mother Hen's Hatchery is considered by many to be the Premier Poultry Hatchery in East Tennessee. We are the only NPIP Certified Poultry Facility open daily to the public in Greene County, TN. We have been published 4 times on the front page of TN Newspapers & 4 times on TV including NBC Bristol's WCYB News 5, News 6 and Fox News at 10.

Located on "Fluffy Butt Farm" in rural Greene County, we are the area's newest and most modern Hatchery. Housed in a new custom building, Mother Hen's Hatchery uses only new & state of the art incubators, hatchers, feeders, coops & equipment for our baby chicks. Cleanliness & health are paramount priorities at Mother Hen's Hatchery which result in a superior product for our valued customers. We have Incubator and Hatching Services as well as straight run day-old baby chicks available locally and shipped Nationwide.

We believe there are things that set us apart from the rest. We are a no kill facility, hatches are adjusted according to selling trends and extra male chicks are sold to & raised at local farms. Know when you deal with Mother Hen's Hatchery, you are dealing with a Hatchery where all chicks & chicken flocks are raised humanely.

Mother Hen's Hatchery supplies the small farmer, rural egg producer and chicken enthusiast with a wide variety of day-old baby chicks, straight run older birds, and more. If you have been thinking that it might be fun to dabble in the world of chicks & chickens, you can search no longer. We have a full line of different breeds of chickens to satisfy chicken lovers of every age. It is gratifying to watch your baby chicks grow from newly hatched to adult, ready to entertain you in every way, not to mention harvesting eggs and meat that you have grown yourself.

Mother Hen's Hatchery has been repeatedly featured on the front page of local newspapers (including the Greeneville Sun) as well as being featured numerous times as the lead off story on NBC's WCYB News 5 Bristol & Fox News. If you are looking for an upscale transparent operation where you can see for yourself the conditions your baby chicks are hatched in, Mother Hen's Hatchery is the only stop you need to make.

Mother Hen's Hatchery sells Incubators (3 sizes), Chick/Chicken Feed, Farm Fresh Eggs, Logo Apparel, Feeders, Waterers, Thermometers, Chick Starter Kits, Heat Lamps & Heat Bulbs, Hatching Eggs and much more.

Click here to see us on 2017 WCYB News 5 in Bristol VA: http://www.wcyb.com/382768757

Click here to see us on 2016 WCYB News 5 in Bristol VA: http://www.wcyb.com/…/greene-co-hatchery-boasts-cl…/39594486

Click here to see us in the 2016 Greeneville Sun: http://www.greenevillesun.com/business/local_business_news/hatchery-business-is-cracking-up-to-be-prolific/article_d87065f1-07cc-56e5-938f-0d833135b6f4.html#.VwayeywkwKo.facebook

Click here to see us in the 2017 Greeneville Sun: http://www.greenevillesun.com/news/local_news/keeping-a-clean-coop/article_c69abd63-fcf6-5e49-a63d-d935c52e8b03.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share

We have baby chicks hatching every Wednesday starting March 1st. No local minimums & we have a closed flock, everything you'll see is hatched on the property from our own breeding flocks, not from a chicken factory. Beware of "resellers", they say they're hatching themselves but if you can't visit & see it with your own eyes, be careful... Our Hatchery is an interactive experience meaning we welcome visitors here at the Hatchery and encourage everyone to see our coops, our breeding flocks, our sanitary conditions and meet "Mother Hen" herself, Denise Rogers! Want to bring your kids so they can pet a baby chick? Feel free! We are not a reseller as many are, we have invested a lot of time & money to breed quality birds and to provide you an opportunity to actually see where your baby chicks come from. If another breeder wants to meet you in a parking lot to deliver your chicks and you are not comfortable with that, then Mother Hen's Hatchery is the only stop you need to make!

Mother Hen's Hatchery participates in the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP #63-673). Our flocks are tested multiple times annually for Pullorum-Typhoid, bi-annually for Avian Influenza (AI) and we're registered with the TN Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We are the only "Open to the Public" Greene Country Hatchery to meet this criteria.

See our Hatchery featured on WCYB News 5, Bristol VA: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=lmCPcf8IvzQ

We are located at 8390 Snapps Ferry Rd. in Chuckey TN. Thanks for stopping by Mother Hen's Hatchery LLC and hopefully we will see you soon!


Mother Hen's Hatchery
8390 Snapps Ferry Rd, Chuckey TN 37641